Mothers Guilt

1 Oct 2019
“Why would you put your body through that?” questions the husband as he quizzically looks at his wife, bending and stretching through her final set of push ups and squats.

She replies through breaths, “If you have to ask that, then you really don’t get it”.


Do we need any justification to exercise and if so why? Has exercise really become that abnormal that people are amazed to see someone moving for the simple enjoyment and benefit of it?

One of the most profound issues facing women today is not the desire to be fit but the ability to prioritise themselves above anyone or anything else for even a small amount of time each day. You would think we’d all be jumping at the chance to get that gear on and head out to the garden, road, gym, park or whatever and enjoy that bit of time when it’s just all about us! But NO! Mostly it’s quite the opposite. We battle with our list of “to-do’s”, the so-called urgent needs of others and the ominous tasks of cooking and cleaning.

“I’ll just sweep the floor, make the beds and get tea started before I go for a walk.”

“Bugger, it’s just a bit too late now and Johnny’s having a melt down so I better hang around. Oh well it just didn’t work out today, but neither did I.”

Then the guilt sets in, another step backward on the journey to feeling a little more spritely, wild and free from constraints. It would only have been for 20min BUT my “Mum gets it done” attitude got in the way.

When will we get it? When will we realize that spending that time moving our butts to our own beat, just for a bit, will be the point at which we will actually be the “Mum that truly gets it done” for ourselves and everyone else that matters.

Change your default and lift yourself to the top of the priority list!

Here’s how:
  1. Wear your exercise gear all day until you get that workout done
  2. Walk out that door and don’t look back
  3. Just start moving and say “NO” to helping with swings, pants, food etc.. and instead encourage the kids to join in
  4. Lower the bar and be OK with your kids being fed and upright by the time you get home (Dad’s do a fine job to)
  5. Take note of how much more of an “on-fire” mother you are post-workout

I’m pretty sure motivation directly affects YOU.

Author: Joy McClymont
You can find out more about Joy here:
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